Key Steps 12 Counselling in Crouch End N8 & Harley Street W1


Theresa 22 yrs old
"I went to see Michael because I wanted help controlling my drinking. I had always been a binge drinker but most of the fun had worn off and I wanted to work out if I could drink normally, without all the drama of getting drunk and regretting what I'd done.
"Michael truly understood my problems and knew intuitively how to guide me through them.
"He gave me the knowledge and tools to change my life for the better.
"I couldn't recommend him highly enough.
"As it happens I did learn to control my drinking - I have been entirely sober for a year, the best year of my life so far.
"Thank you Michael."

Steven 43 yrs old
"I’ve seen Michael on and off over the years, it's great to know when I’m struggling with different issues there is someone I can talk to who is real and can help me out.
"We get right to the source of my problems and I leave every session feeling very different.
"Definitely worth it for me."

Charmaine 29 yrs old
"I love the way Michael works so directly with my emotional world and the subconscious parts of me.
"This is so effective. Often I can spend lots of time thinking and talking cognitively about issues I’m dealing with and then I see Michael and the work we do cuts through all that and gets to the source of what’s going on and the centre of what I’m struggling with.
"Often I’m surprised at what we uncover. After this work I am able to move forward and deal constructively.
"I feel safe, heard and respected.
"Michael helps me to see my strengths, connect to my wisdom and to respect myself."

Paul and Kemi
"We now understand that conflict is the pathway to intimacy.
"Thank you Michael."

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